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Monday, March 9

Your tax questions answered

Robert Lepson, a certified financial planner representing the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts, took questions live from readers on tax issues. Below is an edited transcript of his chat.

Friday, March 8 | 3:00 pm

Rick Fingerman is a member and past president of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts and currently holds the position of liaison with Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Being a couple is challenging enough without bringing money into it. But, if couples talk about their finances and avoid these pitfalls, they can have an easier path to marital bliss.

Friday, December 21 | 3:00 pm

Preparing your finances for the fiscal cliff

J. Christopher Boyd, CFP (Chris) is a leader in the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts and host of a financial radio show on WXTK 95.1. He will be hosting a live chat on Friday, Dec. 21 at 1 p.m.

With only 17 days until next year, the potential realities of the “fiscal cliff” are coming more clearly into focus. The bottom line, should we actually land in next year with no deal to avert the fiscal cliff, is a jump in taxes for many and reduction in the rate of government spending. Read more…

Friday, November 9 | 3:00 pm

Cleaning out your financial closet

By John Napolitano, Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts

John Napolitano is president of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts and chief executive of US Wealth Management. He hosted this live chat Friday, Nov. 9.

We all eventually clean out a closet or basement, and find things that you forgot about and deem useful or valuable. From a financial perspective, the same process may also yield unexpected treasures. Living proof of this is your home state’s unclaimed property list. In my home state of Massachusetts, it is estimated that one in 10 residents has unclaimed property.

Surviving Financially When You Are Unemployed

Chat Page:

Unique Financial Planning for Women

Chat Page:

John Napolitano10 questions regarding paying for college

Paying for college has come under tremendous pressure in the past few years. Costs are rising, and the employment possibilities for recent college graduates have not looked so bleak in decades. But, unlike when the parents of today’s students went to school, loans are putting new graduates two steps in the hole financially before they’ve secured their first real job.


Tips Gallery:

John Napolitano is president of the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts and chief executive of US Wealth Management.

8 critical questions you need to answer today

May 29, 2012 – We’re constantly getting advice on how to improve our finances, and the best ways to save. But, what do you really need to do as soon as possible?

Marc Freedman, the president and chief executive of Freedman Financial in Peabody, gives these eight tips that you should be doing right now

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Marc Freedman is a Certified Financial Planner and chief executive with Freedman Financial in Peabody.

Five things to know about retirement income

April 30, 2012 – There are several financial challenges that Americans face when considering when the appropriate time for retirement. Most notably, deciding how to manage a hard-earned retirement nest egg so as to not run out of money in retirement. Staying ahead of the increasing cost of living is also essential.

Here are five things to know – including some questions you’ll need to ask yourself – before deciding on what retirement income strategy is best for you.

John F. McAvoy is a certified financial planner with Waterstone Retirement Services in Canton.

9 tips for estate planning

March 24, 2012 – Estate planning really concerns everybody, and it need not be a mood killer. That’s because your legacy is more than the money and property you leave behind. It’s about how you are remembered. So in a very real sense, planning your legacy is planning your life. Here is a list of steps to get you started.

John F. Harrison, CFP, is the founder of Aspire Financial Advisors in Newton. He is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner.

Want to retire early? Top tips for getting there with Cheryl Costa, CFP, AFW Wealth Advisors

February 28, 2012 – Given the option, most people would rather retire earlier than later – but considering that almost half of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, what does it really take to retire early?

Cheryl is a managing director at AFW Wealth Advisors, which has offices in Natick and Purchase, N.Y.

Personal finance chat Gayle Colman

January 31, 2012 – Because money and finances directly impact our survival and are a lifelong growth and learning opportunity, we’re sometimes challenged and short-sighted when it comes to our money matters.

Gayle Knight Colman, CFP is co-founder of Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC, an Integral Wealth Management Firm in Carlisle, and served on the board of the Massachusetts Financial Planning Association. She is passionate about bringing awareness and manifestation to the truth that wealth is more than money. For more information, please call (978) 371-2015 or e-mail Colman Knight Advisory Group, LLC is a Massachusetts Registered Investment Advisor.

Seven New Year’s Resolutions to Create a Solid Financial 2012

January 3, 2012 – The New Year is the perfect time for resolutions. For many of us, a focus on our finances will make our lives better. The simple truth is that we are very good at making resolutions; however, most of us are not too good at keeping them. Financial goals are often a moving target especially when stock market returns are wildly unpredictable and interest rates are low. These seven resolutions are easy, and if you follow them, you will create the foundation for a financially successful 2012.

Bill Harris is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and member of the media response team for the Financial Planning Association of MA. He is a co-founder and principal of WH Cornerstone Investments in Duxbury and can be reached at or 888.797.9009.

9 reasons it’s time for a new financial plan

December 2011 – In today’s world of financial uncertainty, the importance of structuring a personal financial plan that has your best interest in mind is more important than ever. No matter whether you work with a financial planner, or simply do it on your own, the following nine ideas will lend pause as you think about whether it’s time to revisit your current financial plan.

Marc Freedman is a Certified Financial Planner and chief executive with Freedman Financial in Peabody.

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