NexGen Committee

NexGen is the FPA community dedicated to serve aspiring and early-career CFP® professionals. NexGen members are thought leaders in the financial planning space and seek to bring energy, ideas and new perspectives to our thriving industry. It is our responsibility to support one another in our professional advancement, create innovative educational programs that explore issues common to younger planners, and continue to transform the world of financial planning.

Massachusett’s NexGen community is the 2nd largest NexGen chapter in the country. We host three staple events each year and plan to introduce a NexGen practice group later in 2019 to allow NexGen members to share best practices and ideas amongst each other. The three staple events include:

  • Speed Networking Event in March
  • Cross-Industry Networking Event in June
  • Educational Panel Event in September

If you’re new to the industry, or want to stay informed about NexGen, you can request to join the FPA of MA NexGen’s Facebook page by searching “FPA of MA NexGen” in Facebook. This Facebook group is used as the primary means of communication to the NexGen community.

If you have more questions about NexGen, please contact Jake Northrup who is the NexGen director for the Massachusetts Chapter.