Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts recently launched a new Member Spotlight program to feature our members and their businesses, activities and accomplishments, community involvement, and more!

Today we spotlight Kristen Heller, CSRIC™ of Baystate Financial, discussing the best financial advice she ever got, as well as the best life advice she ever got.

As for financial advice, Kristen says, “Sound advice from my mom: For every raise you ever get, take a portion and put it into savings, whether it’s for retirement or a big purchase like a house. You won’t miss the money and you get a leg up on your goals.”

As for life advice, she adds, “I don’t remember who told me this, but someone told me to travel the world when I was in college. I did a year abroad in Greece, and the lessons I learned there forever shaped my mind and my relationships.”

Thank you to Kristen for being a valuable member of the FPA MA community! Learn more about Kristen and Baystate Financial at