Join us Wednesday, August 4th @12 noon for Inflation – Hedged Strategies with Michael Sewell, CFA, Portfolio Manager

Mike Sewell is a portfolio manager in the Fixed Income Division, co-managing the US Inflation Protected Bond and US Short-Term Inflation Focused Bond Strategies and providing managerial support for Treasuries.

In this webinar, Mike Sewell will explore scenarios for inflation going forward, including factors that could drive a more sustained upside surprise in prices and how investors might hedge this risk with inflation-protected strategies.
• Headline inflation measures have been increasing. Research shows that the US TIPS market seems to have been pricing in this jump, but also indicates that market participants expect the rate of change in prices to return to lower levels by the end of 2021.
• We believe investors may be underestimating the potential for inflation to surprise to the upside given the dynamics of this economic recovery relative to previous economic cycles.

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