August 15th from 8:30 am to 10:00 am at The office of Michael S. Orentlich, CFP©, CLU©, ChFC©, CASL©, AEP©: 140 Turnpike Road, Ste. 300 Southborough

“Does Your Practice Need a Brand?”
Your marketing materials may say “what you do” but does your brand message explain “why you’re different?”  Whether you’re with a large, small or solo practitioner– join us for a hands-on workshop to learn how to:

  • Define and refine a brand position and message that explains the value you create – not just the services you offer.
  • Create engaging content that differentiates your practice.

Join Roger Bridgeman of Bridgeman Communications to explore how to define your brand and build messages that convey not just the informative “who we are” but also the compelling “why us?”