September 20: NexGen: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Expert Panel

The FPA MA NexGen committee has organized a panel of top industry experts across multiple disciplines (tax, estate and investment management) to discuss the most prevalent implications of the recent tax reform bill.  Learn how these various experts are 1) educating clients on new planning opportunities and 2) collaborating with trusted advisors to ensure their clients are reaping as many benefits as possible.

This moderated event includes a structured Q&A session followed by an open Q&A session from the audience. The structured Q&A session will be focused on the most prevalent topics picked by the panelists.

Panelist 1 – Rachael Hylan, CPA, MST, MPAc

  1. What tax planning opportunities exist and what are the implications for small business owners?
  2. How have schedule A deductions changed and what are the implications for individual taxpayers?

Panelist 2 – Nikki Marie Oliveira, Esq.

  1. How is traditional estate planning still relevant and important, given the increase in the federal applicable exclusion amount?
  2. What are the most common estate planning techniques being utilized now?
  3. How do we respond to clients about the sunset provisions of the federal applicable exclusion amount?

Panelist 3 – Rene Jarquin

  1. What impact do the changes have on the current economic cycle?
  2. What are the implications for the federal deficit and how does this effect the longer term prospects of the economy?
  3. What are some portfolio management and investment strategies for individuals/entities in light of the tax law change?

Moderator – Jake Northrup, CFP®

 Event details

  • Date: September 20th, 2018
  • Time: 6 pm – 8 pm
  • Location: 50 Milk Street, 20th Floor, Boston, MA (Room: Lighthouse West)
  • Cost: Free to attend! Josh Gilbert and the FPA MA NexGen Committee are covering the cost.
  • CE: CFP CE credits will be available for those who attend.

Registration is limited so be sure to sign up fast!

Event Registration
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