Cape Cod Practice Group Meeting on February 8th at 8:30 AM at Cape Cod 5 in Sandwich.

Tax Deductible – Tax Deferred -Tax Free!  Try and find that somewhere else in the tax code.  HSA’s are going to quickly become a significant tool for health care planning, retirement and tax management.  You will want to know about HSA’s and how to help clients who can benefit from these accounts, understand them and develop strategies to use them effectively.

If you want to distinguish yourself by providing maximum value to clients, you need to understand HSA’s. These are relatively new accounts and very few people seem to understand how they work, including the employers who offer them.  You can separate yourself from the competition and bring solid value to your clients by being familiar with Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

The meeting will cover the basics of HSA’s and who can use them. We’ll discover the funding levels, basic and advanced planning strategies to help your clients manage their health coverage effectively during their working careers and potentially create an additional source of tax free income during retirement.  We’ll learn how the assets in an HSA are invested until used and how to select custodians for these accounts to help clients effectively manage the assets in these accounts.

You may discover some of your clients are already maximum funding these accounts and taking advantage of employer contributions to reduce current insurance costs, reduce taxes and build a potentially tax free source of income during retirement.

Dan Galli, CFP will present.

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