Above & Beyond: Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts member Rick Fingerman (center), Certified Financial Planner® practitioner and past president of the FPA of Massachusetts, was recently honored with the “2015 Above & Beyond” award at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s Volunteer Appreciation event. Over 170 of the Institute’s more than 500 volunteers attended the evening. In 2008, Rick helped develop the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute’s program to provide free, individual financial coaching services to patients and their caregivers. To date, more than 370 families and individuals have received services. He explains, “We believe financial and physical health are closely intertwined. If our skills can provide patients with financial peace of mind, then they are in a better position to focus their efforts and energy on getting well.” Supporting Rick in this important service are fellow FPA of Massachusetts members Larry Albert, Louis Ballerene, Dianne Brand, Marybeth Breed, Sue Burns, Karen Busanovich, Vickie Carr, Meghan Dwyer, Shaun Erickson, Tom Fisher, Michael Garrison, Rich Hayes, Elliot Herman, Lyman Jackson, Michael Kumph, Gerald Loftin, Roger Moulton, George Padula, Tanya Rapacz, Sharon Rich, Diane Rosen, Mary Ann Saurino, Louise Sharp, John Slupski, Wendy Wanger, Mindee Wasserman, Evan Welch, Ted Wolfstich, Paul Wong and Donald Young.