Webinar: September 7: No Portfolio is an Island

When building portfolios advisors commonly focus on the risk and return attributes of the investible asset opportunity set, primarily stocks and bonds. In this presentation, David Blanchett, head of retirement research at Morningstar Investment Management LLC, will explore why no portfolio is an “island” and how it is important to take a more holistic approach ...


Aug 19 Member Free CE Day: Up to 7 CE's

Join us for summertime CE!  This event is Free for members. It is hosted by our partners and will be held at the John Hancock Building at the Seaport.

Non members are invited to join as well, but there is a small fee.

Topics: Planning for Medicare- BCBS

The 4% Withdrawal Rule is Not Safe in a Low ...


FPA MA on Capitol Hill

FPA Advocacy Days on Capitol Hill. FPA MA Members Stuart Armstrong, Ben Muchler, John McAvoy, and

Dick Power visited the Senate from June 21-22 in Washington D.C.


Pictured Left to Right

Stuart Armstrong, Lindsay Owens-(Sen. Warren’s Aid) Ben Muchler, John McAvoy, Dick ...


October 28: Dana Farber Coach Training

Imagine hearing the words, “You have cancer”.  Now imagine a life full of doctor appointments, numerous tests and fear and wondering if you are going to be ok.  As bad as that all is, imagine losing your job, not being able to pay your rent or mortgage or wondering how you can pay for heat ...


INVESTORS, PLANS & MONEY: Escheatment, pretty much what it sounds like

INVESTORS, PLANS & MONEY: Escheatment, pretty much what it sounds like

Our very own government has developed an elaborate scheme to grab millions from unsuspecting persons right from under their noses.

The legal theory of escheatment dates back to feudal England. Land that was held by a person with no heirs or a person committing high crimes ...


Webinar: June 29 Tax Update: What ATRA Means for Your Clients

Tax Update 2016-What ATRA Means for Your Clients

Join us for a webinar on Jun 29, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT. 1 CFP CE Pending

Register Here

In this session F. Keats Boyd lll, Esq. will discuss the new era of planning: estate planning and the affordable care act.

The Affordable Care Act includes some 19 new taxes, ...


About the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts

Since the year 2000, the FPA™ MA has sought to foster the value of financial planning and advance the financial planning profession in the Bay State. Our 900 members are dedicated to the financial planning process, which entails establishing personal and financial goals and creating a way to reach them. FPA™MA believes that everyone needs objective advice to make smart financial decisions and that when seeking the advice of a financial planner, the planner should be a CFP® certificant.

Many FPA™ MA members engage in philanthropic pro bono work in their communities. They also recommend legislation, elevate public awareness, promote financial literacy, and advocate for sound economic and tax policies. We welcome all those who advance the financial planning process and promote the CFP® mark as the cornerstone of the financial planning profession.

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